Sewer Connections, foul water, surface water, rising mains
Ground Works i.e. footings,
Pre-cast concrete laying and chamber making
General maintenance i.e. grass cutting, fencing works undertaken
Repairs or renewals on all supply pipes, external and internal stopcocks.

Duct laying for any service i.e. electricity, BT

Provide work on all sizes of pipe ranging from 15mm to 9inch mains

Electro-fusion work carried out for MDPE services and mains (50mm and above)

New connections onto water mains (fully qualified and latest tapping equipment used)

The latest medium high density poly-ethylene (MDPE) pipe is used

Thrust Bore – trench less technology where a new service can be installed by thrust boring underground in up to 15 metre stretches. This method can also be used for laying cables and other services i.e. electricity, GPO

Installation of Klargester Hill Master and septic tanks, pump systems for residential and commercial developments.

Self-Lay Water industry approved for installation of new services via a Company Called 'Utilities Direct Ltd'

High Pressure water jetting. Using our van pack jetter that is 3000psi at 8 gallons a minute with 200' of jetting hose. This machine also has a lance enabling it to be used for washing down after excavations etc.

CCTV Effectively a "look-see" camera for 4" & 6" drains. This also has the ability to record onto a flash card making it possible for the client to view both photographic stills and reports.

A tracing service is also provided where all services and mains can be detected and pinpointed with the use of a CAT (cable avoidance tool) and Genny

All metering work undertaken i.e. renewing / repairing inline meters (internally or externally), installation of larger bulk meters (2” and above)

All water mains work undertaken from repairs to underground water mains to renewing / repairing Fire Hydrants and Sluice valves

All types of reinstatement work undertaken to match existing surface in a permanent finish.

Highway work Section 278 and Section 50 works, including replacement of kerbs, tarmac and reinstatement required to a council adoptable standard.

Driveways: Tarmac and blockwork.

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STD Civils Ltd. is based in Bedfordshire and currently tenders for work in the counties of Beds, Bucks, Herts, Northamptonshire,Cambridgeshire, London, Greater London and the Midlands.

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